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Exterior house painting : A how-to guide

More and more, homeowners are hiring house painters to carry out paint work on the exterior of their property. This makes it possible to rejuvenate the property without carrying out major renovations. It is preferable to call on an experienced painter for this type of project. In particular by discussing with the contractor and asking for his consulting service. This is the best resource to guide you and thus obtain a work of superior quality.

Carrying out exterior painting jobs is not an easy task. It is imperative to select the right materials to use as well as the right color combinations. That will enhance your home’s exterior. In addition, respecting the process is essential to ensure the success of the project. In this article, we highlight the elements that improve the durability of your siding. Bonus, it will increase the overall curb appeal of your house.

Procedure to follow before carrying out the project

Plan the best time

In order to carry out the project in optimal conditions, it is important to plan the work to be carried out.

Did you know that the ideal temperature for exterior paint is 25°C? Many weather conditions can ruin your plans, which is why you must follow the evolution of the weather closely. For example, excessive humidity or the announcement of rain can nullify your efforts. House painters paint the exterior of your property in temperatures around 4°C.

Rule of thumb, the manufacturers of paints available on the market provide a guideline, which indicates the temperature to be followed to obtain an optimal result.


Choose your materials

Quality work begins with the selection of materials that will provide durability and protection to your siding. It is essential to choose the primer, paint and finish that are suitable for the facade of your property.

Before applying the paint, it is important to prepare the surfaces. First, it will be necessary to carry out alterations such as plugging holes in the walls or carrying out minor repairs. Afterwards, you can apply a coat of primer. This allows the paint to better cover the space to be painted, in addition to adhering effectively to the surface.

Latex or acrylic paints will generally be recommended for exterior house siding. We appreciate these types of paints because they sufficiently cover brick, cement, stucco and wood facades and offer good protection against weather elements.

Choosing the right quality paint will avoid having to redo the job. Latex or acrylic exterior paints block the main element that discolors paint, UV rays.

For the exterior of a building, a finish that is low-gloss and satin is generally preferred. These offer better protection against the excess of dirt and bad weather. Any damage will show more on a matte finish than a semi-gloss finish.

Prepare the surfaces

The success of exterior house painting goes through 3 significant steps.

First, cleaning the surfaces, like removing peeling paint, will allow better adhesion of the products used. Carrying out these steps also allows you to offer good maintenance to the exterior siding.

  1. Before starting, it may be a good idea to cover the vegetation that is near the house.
  2. Using a pressure washer, clean the coating to remove residue.

To lighten the cleaning task afterwards, consider covering the windows that are in the area to be painted.

Subsequently, make sure that the surface of the building is completely dry. A substrate that is not dry will not allow the full adhesion of primer and paint.

If the surface to be painted is glossy, it may need to be sanded in order to apply the new paint. Using sandpaper can do the trick to remove the glossy finish.

The key : the primer!

Applying the primer ensures you get the job done right. First, prime before proceeding with repairs. Leave to dry then carry out the repair of the walls: plug the holes and repair the damaged elements. Then cover the repaired places.

Caulk around doors and windows with a quality product. Make sure, however, that it is possible to paint it. Make sure the application is smooth. This will promote smooth and even paint jobs.

The final touch

Now is the time to roll the paint. Focusing on the shady side of the property will delay drying time and allow for a more even process.

Application can be done by roller or  paint sprayer. As a rule, the sprayer gives a better result. As this tool emits volatile organic compounds, it is preferable to choose a painting contractor who works accordingly.

Just like interior painting projects, start with moldings and other architectural elements. When it's dry and you're ready to paint the siding, cover these items and begin applying the selected paint color. At least two coats of paint are required.


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