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How to effectively hide an outdoor surveillance camera?

These days, many find it necessary to purchase and install a surveillance camera for the interior or exterior of their property. Whether it is to ensure your own security or to protect your house from possible break-ins or vandalism, we offer you a variety of tips and tricks as well as advice on where to effectively position your outdoor surveillance camera so that they are out of sight, and out of mind!

What is the best type of camera?

While there are products to meet each of your needs, an outdoor surveillance camera or hidden camera generally needs to be small in size in order to be concealed in a place that is out of reach and not suspected of containing a camera.

Mini spy-type cameras represent a great option for these cases. These little cameras are very impressive and give you a lot more than you can imagine. Not only are they small and can fit just about anywhere, they also offer HD picture quality and several other useful options such as wireless connection, motion detection, wide angle view and much more.

Strategic places to install your surveillance camera

It can sometimes be surprising to discover the places where cameras can be found on a property. They can be hidden in all sorts of places without anyone noticing that a camera is watching them, allowing for increased security and effectiveness. Although visible cameras might still scare off intruders or burglars, well-concealed hidden cameras will provide solid evidence by limiting the chances of them being detected or destroyed by offenders.

Here is a list of strategic places where you can effectively hide a surveillance camera outside of your property or around your business:

Trees and bushes

Our plant friends can offer an excellent view of your entire property. Outdoor surveillance cameras can easily be concealed through their branches and leaves, thanks to their advantageous positions which are often found high up or very close to the ground. For even greater efficiency, you can paint your cameras one or more colors in the same shades as your tree or shrub for more camouflage. You can even create patterns using dead leaves and branches to maximize the illusion.

Bird feeders

In addition to enjoying a view of these magnificent creatures, bird feeders are a great place to hide a surveillance camera. The birds probably won't pay any attention to it and you will be able to keep an eye on your home at all times. Because they're easy to move around, it's even easier for you to position the camera-equipped feeder where you can have the best viewing angle to monitor your property. Their height is usually adjustable and ideal, offering more leeway to adjust the monitoring view and angle to perfection.

Eaves and ceilings

While this is a more commonly seen placement, surveillance cameras are often found hanging in eaves and ceilings of buildings. Since they are high up and often out of reach without the help of a ladder or stepladder, these areas provide an overview of the property to be monitored. While they are more visible to everyone, they are in no way less effective. After all, the purpose of a surveillance camera is to monitor your home or commercial building. The simple presence of them can still be very dissuasive for a burglar or intruder.

Lamp posts and exterior lighting

Although lamp posts and exterior lights are visible, people normally don't suspect that they might contain a hidden camera. Since they're mostly only used in the evening and at night for lighting, it's relatively easy to install a surveillance camera in order to monitor your home during the day. Their position also allows easy access to a facial view, which can be very useful when viewing the recordings in order to properly identify the criminal.

Other exterior objects

Some objects effectively go unnoticed given their common nature. For example, flowerpots, doorbells, or garden gnomes can provide great alternatives to hide a surveillance camera. Of course, you will probably need to modify the object in question to accommodate the camera, but they are sure to fly under the radar of possible thieves. There are still a variety of custom-made creations that can be very interesting and that will allow you to have a unique and personalized product made according to your specific needs.

In conclusion

With an array of surveillance cameras for home or commercial use, there is a perfect product to meet your specific needs. From outdoor surveillance cameras to mini hidden cameras, the possibilities are endless. In order to protect your property effectively, video recording is always a great option that weighs heavily as evidence against a criminal or a burglar.

If you suspect unwanted or suspicious activity around your property or business, remember that there are many places and ways to keep an eye on your assets. If necessary, you can provide these recordings to the police and facilitate the arrest of the responsible individual. Don't wait any longer and offer yourself peace of mind with an outdoor surveillance camera system today!


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