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Why Internet Speed Matters for iGaming

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There is no doubt that the internet has been the greatest revolution of the 21st century. During the early years of this virtual world's development, it was primarily used by the wealthy. Nevertheless, it has been redesigned to serve even the most common citizens of the world within the past two decades. Today, it is an integral part of almost every industry, with some, such as online casinos, relying completely on it. Upload and download speeds can be crucial to the operation of many industries.

Compared to when the internet was first launched, it has become much faster over time. At the time, 56k was considered the fastest internet speed. Nowadays, such rates would be considered inefficient. Today, the slowest internet speed is capable of ten times as much uploading and downloading. However, you can still experience slow internet and that is the last thing you want when you are just about to claim your casino rewards or start playing your favorite game. That is why in this article we will discuss the importance of internet speed for online casinos and how you can improve your internet speed.

The Dependence of Casinos on the Internet

Over the course of centuries, casino gambling has mostly taken place in brick-and-mortar casinos. When the internet came along, the gambling industry jumped on and embraced it. Today, more than three billion people gamble on the internet at some point in their lives, making online gambling destinations the industry's primary revenue generator. It is more convenient for players to gamble online than to go and seek out a casino.

As online casinos became more popular, excellent internet speed became more of a necessity and a crucial factor in the efficiency of gambling destinations. Players can experience and share games with blistering ping times on today's slot machines, table games, and live sets. In modern times, 56k modems are too slow to support even the simplest of games. As a result of modern technology, games run so quickly that most people take it for granted as an everyday part of life. Numerous casino functions are supported by the internet, including:

  1. No download games
  2. Live dealer sets
  3. Money transactions
  4. SSL security

It is, however, necessary to have an uninterrupted internet connection to play smoothly. An unstable connection isn't the same thing as a slow internet connection. A disclaimer is usually posted with every game that voids all collected payouts if a malfunction occurs. In this case, all accumulated winnings are discarded if lag disrupts gameplay.

The Best Way to Increase Your Internet Speed

There are many reasons why your internet connection may be slow, and speeding it up on your laptop or PC isn't always straightforward. You can still optimize your connection speed, though. Below we will show you a couple of ways you can optimize the speed of your internet connection.

Change the Location of Your Router

Signals from Wi-Fi can only travel so far before they are interrupted or blocked by objects such as walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, appliances, etc. Other wireless devices, such as cordless phones, baby monitors, microwaves, and Bluetooth speakers, can also interrupt Wi-Fi signals. So you might want to consider changing the location of your router for better internet speed. 

Change the Frequency Band of Your Wi-Fi

2.4GHz and 5GHz are the two most commonly used radio frequency bands for wireless routers today. Wi-Fi signal strength and wireless speeds can vary based on the band you use for your connections. 

Wi-Fi Network Extension

It may be necessary to extend the range of your network if your router is located in the most ideal location but you are still experiencing issues with speed or connectivity in some areas of your house.

Internet solutions have become ubiquitous, making them a tool that is often taken for granted. To avoid interrupting sessions or lost payouts, it is crucial to confirm that your internet speed is adequate before starting a gameplay session. Check the speed of your internet before visiting an online casino to ensure you have an enjoyable and lag-free experience.


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